Getting Started

An overview of MiCloud, its benefits and key features

What is MiCloud?

MiCloud is an AWS Governance Solution: for agile and virtual project and support teams, for managing and monitoring the AWS inventory and associated cost and for AWS best practice.

Benefits and Key Features

MiCloud allows companies to break down their overall AWS cost into freely definable Organisational Units. These units can each have individual budgets set in local currencies, allowing unit owners to see their real cost in their local currency.

MiCloud allows companies to create and manage their AWS inventory all in one place. Systems can be built up from individual instances running in EC2 and grouped into a logical system as the user would understand it. Meta data about this system can be defined and managed by users of the system cockpits. Access rights to these systems can be managed directly in MiCloud and allocated to users managed by customer administrators. Users can be individually assigned roles to allow display only, starting and stopping of systems ranging from simple individual instances through to more complex collections of systems that need to be started and stopped in a controlled and dependent manner.

MiCloud is available on the web, as well as IOS and Android mobile devices. Using the Mobile apps allow users to view both online and offline detailed cost information as well as high level up to the minute summaries.

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